Our Mission:

As a Faith-Based Agency, we believe that by loving, nurturing and teaching one person at a time to overcome their challenges and become a positive part of society, we will be able to make a difference in a neighborhood, city, country and the world.

Our values are those that Christ himself has taught us to have as he, being God became Man and walked on this earth changing people’s lives. Compassion, integrity, hope and love.

We serve children and their families, modeling Christ’s love and mercy, we are faithful stewards of the resources placed in our trust, we serve in excellence following God’s will for his ultimate glory.

Feeding, nourishing and helping, the needy
Our vision is to educate, nurture and provide for children, youth and families that are in any type of crisis by bringing healing to every heart, providing a secure surrounding and the necessary elements for them to have a “normal Life”.